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Solar Biomedical is an environmentally conscience Clinical Research  Company based in Atlanta, Georgia offering the following services:

With a staff of over 18 years of clinical research experience, we are able to offer our services to investigator sites and sponsor companies who are interested in achieving or maintaining the highest level of quality in their clinical research or device trials. 

Our Programs

Clinical Research Associate Students

At Solar Biomedical, we recognize the importance of having well trained staff as members of the clinical team.  We understand that good clinical research training is one of the keys to a successfully run trial with regards to coordination and monitoring.   For this reason, we have taken an initiative to also offer clinical research trainings that can be customized to fit your company's or site's needs.

Currently we are offering the following programs:

Upcoming Classes

  • All About Clinical Research Part a and ICH/GCP Training
    04/28/2018 - 04/29/2018
    4751 Best Road, Suite 400B
    Atlanta, GA 30337
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